Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Lafayette, LA

There are many different approaches to helping someone with mental health disorders. A popular one used by many board-certified counselors is cognitive-behavioral therapy in Lafayette, LA. But what exactly is CBT, and how does the Effective Counseling Center use it to help patients? Whether it is being used alone or in combination with other therapies, CBT creates a structured environment where the client can talk and think through the issues that are troubling them so that they can begin to see practical ways to respond to their personal, challenging situations.

Structured, Goal-Setting Therapy

Your thoughts create your feelings and behaviors. This is the principal at the core of cognitive-behavioral therapy in Lafayette, LA. This center uses CBT to help you change your thoughts, so your feelings and behaviors become more positive. When you’re experiencing problems in your life that are more than you can handle, turn to this practice for assistance.

With more than 15 years of experience, a licensed and certified therapist is here to help. You can rely on Dean Altenhofen, II, to apply the principles of CBT to your sessions. In his office, you have a structured setting where you can talk through your life problems. He’ll help you to set goals so that you can work toward your resolution. Feel confident because Dean takes a personalized approach to your counseling so that it meets your needs.

Throughout your treatment, this solutions-focused therapist works with you to develop skills to cope with life and stress. CBT is not a therapy that has you talking out your issues for a long time. Within months, you’re ready to face the world, using the principles of this useful model of therapy.

What CBT Does for You

This type of therapy isn’t just useful to those who are dealing with medical issues, either. It can be a valuable tool for anyone looking for a better way to manage stressful life situations. Some of the different ways CBT can assist you to include helping you to:

  • Better Manage the Symptoms of Mental Illness
  • Prevent a Relapse of Mental Illness Symptoms
  • Treat Mental Illness When Medications Aren’t a Good Option
  • Learn Techniques for Coping with Stressful Situations
  • Identify Ways to Better Manage Emotions
  • Resolve Relationship Conflicts
  • Learn Better Ways to Communicate
  • Cope with Loss or Grief
  • Overcome Emotional Trauma
  • Cope with a Medical Illness
  • Manage Chronic Physical Symptoms

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